EP 4/4 is the 12th free mixtape by Meek Mill. There are two EPs titled 4/4 each having 4 songs. The first EP has two tracks, “pray for Em” which is produced by C-Sick and “Gave Em Hope”. Another good song is a high epinephrine track titled “FBH” (Fuck Being Humble). It also includes a freestyle called “I’m Da Plug” in which he talks smack about Drake and his associate Futures.

The second EP was released during the live stream of OVO sound Radio and features various artists. The people behind it’s production are Ben Billions, Mando Fresh, Chopsquad Dj, and Beat Bully. The first track titled “Fa Sho” features T Dot and is followed by a solo track titled “Ricky”. He features two artists, Future and Dave East in the third track “Slippin”. The final track is a Drake diss track titled “War Pain”.

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Side Chick Memes 01

Five signs you could be his side chick!

According to a just concluded behavioral psychological study at Princeton University men are wired to be polygamous and very likely to have up to three sexual partners at a time. Funny how it took a bunch of experiments and nerdy scientists to figure out something that women have known since the beginning of time. One of the women in a man’s life is the infamous side chick, her role is to be fun and not interfere with his lie. Here are five sure signs that you could be one.

1.He doesn’t discuss the future of the relationship and will avoid any conversation even remotely related to the subject.
2.He probably never takes you out on dates and if you’re lucky enough to go out on a few it’s usually on weeknights and never on special occasions like your birthday or holidays.
3. He hasn’t introduced you to his family or his friends and has no intention to in the near future.
4.Your ‘boyfriend’ will ensure that his phone is as close to him as possible and won’t let you even peek at the screen.
5. You never get to hold hands, hug or kiss when you’re out in public.
So, are you the side chick?

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As one of America’s hottest properties, Kim Kardashian undergoes her fair share of scrutiny. In the digital world, one can’t get away with simple scrutiny though, one must also endure the torrent of memes. And when a funny Kim Kardashian meme goes viral, it can either hurt or make Kim even more famous! I’d say more of the latter occurs.

Kim Kardashian memes usually include a photo of Kim doing something emotional or over-the-top, and pairing this with a witty statement. Like the meme of Kim staring deep into her smartphone and smiling smugly. Can you guess the witty caption? It reads: “When you finally take a good selfie and you can’t stop staring at it”.

That’s right, just about every one of these Kim Kardashian memes targets her vanity, good looks, narcissism and ego. And judging by the popularity of them in forwarded emails, on websites, and on social media, we can’t get enough of them!

Sad? Maybe so. But kinda fun too.

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Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana to Pakistianian parents, DJ Kahled continues to prove to be a talented and multifaceted hip hop artist and Snapchat king. He has a successful and influential career as a DJ, producer and radio host. He developed a love of music from an early age, as his Pakistanian parents were musicians who played traditional Arabian music. DJ Kahled grew up listening to hip hop and soon began making beats and experimenting with sounds. His first job was at a record store in New Orleans, where he met young artists, including Lil Wayne and Birdman. He eventually earned a job as a radio DJ on a local station and became further involved in shaping and influencing the hip hop scene. Eventually he became the a member of Hip Hop group the Terror Squad, and was known as Terror Squadian. After the group’s break-up he started releasing solo albums. He has since released and produced five albums, which include many contributions from both well-known and up and coming hip hop artists. Enjoy the 20 DJ Khaled Memes we have collected.

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#wastehistime2016 is the funniest thing to come out to twitter in 2016. The internet is a strange place. Most of our popular culture at this point definitely comes from the internet, not television – and therefore much of the popular culture of today would be incomprehensible to the people of only fifteen years ago. One of the strangest internet trends is “waste his time 2016”, a tongue in cheek twitter hashtag where women come up with comical ways to waste a man’s time.

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Lil Wayne memes are typically about quoting him where he is talking about living his own life, and finding a way to persevere. Lil Wayne memes often talk about purple drank, or the need to legalize certain drugs. You want to be able to know that these memes are going to be tied to street cred. You can often find this kind of street cred in the South, where Lil Wayne tends to be extremely popular. Lil Wayne is from New Orleans, he born in 1982, and his first album was released in 1999. Wayne has released eight albums, including The Carter III. He is known as the CEO of Young Money Entertainment, his own record label.

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